Monday, November 21, 2005

Usability Patterns for web-based applications

There are usability patterns and there are more usability patterns. In this maze of patterns, I also propose to put in some more interaction patterns. How are my patterns different from others? Well, I will leave it for you to discover.

For some months, each month there will be a new pattern that I have designed and tested (with users obviously!). Yes, they all work and fairly well too! Mind you, these patterns are complex patterns that have emerged out of my consulting experience with many web-based applications--an experienced hand is required to implement them successfully.

I believe that each type of artifact has a spatial relationship with the visual palette (screen). Artifacts in a web application have designated places. Any shift in these places usually causes lot of problems--especially to find these elements by novices and experts alike. To understand the places of each type of element, the introductory pattern that I want to talk about is called "Layout of a typical web application." As we go along in this journey, this pattern will be key to understand other patterns.

Watch this space for the first pattern. Leave a comment with your email address if you want to be notified--I will send a mail.


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog! I'm interested in how you view a pattern as the ideal one for a particular task. I think there are other factors also at play such as the type of the user, technology (eg. medical stuff may be more sensitive to error).

Would you notify me when you do the next posting?


Hemanshu said...

Hi Ripul,

I hope to hear back from you too (and you know what about..). I do hope it's soon, if not sooner?


Rajan said...

hi ripul,

It is interesting to a usability based blog from India. I hardly find people knowing about User Experience. Though I am not an usability person but I appreciate its significance since I worked in
Sapient for some time with some amazing User Ex people.


sonal said...

Looking forward for your posts on the usability patterns of web applications.....and getting new insights as always....

Kiran said...

Also would like to hear your comments about,