Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Barcamp in Cyberabad

You all know what a BarCamp is all about, here's my invitation to all who are in Cyberabad (the cyber city of Hyderabad) to join the BarCamp Hyderabad on 8th of April, 2006 at the beautiful IIIT campus. I am planning to speak and meet up a lot of old friends from Pramati and Progress.

I am not sure about the exact topic, I hope someone can help me out. I was planning to speak about Usability--the only thing I know about (Arey bhai, I run a Usability consulting company, Kern). The topics that I am deliberating about are:

a. Smell the users next steps: Most web-based applications leave all to users and fail to smell users next steps and how this affects applications.

b. Some users are not users: Many web-based applications are designed for a user that does not exist. How do we design for users that exist and save effort for the ones that dont?

Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...
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Masood Nasser said...

Hi Ripul,

I guess the best way would be to have a solid set of personas based on actual user research, and not "perceived personas" which are a figment of designers imaginations.
Mapping the personas tasks to the application function’s would ensure that we are really designing for users that do exist, and that their needs are taken care of.