Friday, March 06, 2009

Irresistible E71 applications

To keep me running is a workhorse, the Nokia E71, the QWERTY phone I know just too well for far longer than it is in the market. Anyway, these are the absolutely free applications I use that keep this workhorse ready for a race anytime!

All emails: Gmail
So, if you are an email addict and need to access your previous emails which your phone does not save, this is the application that will ensure all emails are accessible. Just ensure that all your official mails are also forwarded to your gmail and in gmail set a filter to keep them as "read".

Chat and talk: Fring
And you are a Skype or GTalk freak and cannot keep your hands and mouth off your friends day 'n night, this will open all doors to your friends hearts (only hearts!):

GPS Maps: Google Maps
Move over to finding every thing, move over from not asking anyone for directions. Click on from your e71 and scroll down to where it says "maps" and you will be able to download it and use it. It also sometimes tells you about the nearest barber's shop (oops hair stylist!).

Instant Email, Push Email: Seven
Some people cannot live without email - whether in shower, or while having ...; here's the one to keep your boss always having a tab on you.

Don't spend on data cards for your laptop: JoikuSpot Light
Your laptop does not have a tata, birla, or ambani data card and you need to desperately see check out the the cricket score or someone online, here is your solution. Turn your e71 into a wifi router, which shares any connection with your computer. So your Airtel or Vodafone mobile GPRS connection runs on your computer. On the website, choose your phone on the right and download the free version. With this version, you can only browse... no chat... no email... but it really works!

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