Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Iomega StorCenter 150d: Dead or Alive?

14 July, 10:30 AM: Neoteric Engineer Turns Up
Copying of files is over - no exceptions! Neoteric engineer wants to take the box to the service center and update firmware. He says that he will take 2 days to finish the work.

14 July, 5 PM: Neoteric Engineer Brings the Box Back
We connect it to the network -- seamless! Where is the data -- it's all there -- safe. Excellent!

So, the story is simple: Iomega StorCenter actually updates the firmware without loosing the data -- that's great! However, people at
Iomega don't even trust their product to do it right or they just want to wash off their hands about any data loss -- your guess?

BTW, Iomega India did not give a new box as promised -- but I suppose
if the old one is back on the network with all the data intact -- why should I bother. I just fear the next firmware update.

Mr. Annamalai (or Mr. Iomega) please come out of your cushy air-conditioned office and spend time with small businesses to understand their problems -- it will be an eye opening experience.

Kern is now buying a Thecus N5200B Pro for critical backups. Kern will now use the Iomega 150d for non-critical temporary storage.

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