Monday, July 28, 2008

Kern forms Joint Venture with HumanCentric

Kern Communications Pvt. Ltd., India's leading user research and usability consulting company announces a joint venture with USA's HumanCentric, an award-winning and integrated product design company committed to make consumer-friendly products by studying and understanding the end-user.

This joint venture comes in at a critical juncture for both the companies. HumanCentric and Kern partnership will help both the companies extend their expertise and services to both the geographies. As a part of joint venture, Kern will help HumanCentric's worldwide clients with the necessary cultural knowledge and user research expertise to design mobile, automotive, medical, consumer, and software products for the booming India market. On the other hand, HumanCentric brings its product design and product engineering expertise to help companies in India take their products global.

Kern and HumanCentric share similar ideologies and complementary skills while user-centered design and user research are the core competencies of both companies. The joint venture brings in increased reach across geographies, global expertise, consolidated experience, and pooled resources that will help Kern and HumanCentric offer solutions to clients globally.

"The joint venture with HumanCentric brings together two companies with complementary skill sets, vision and commitment to excellence to provide world class services to clients. HumanCentric is well known for its team of highly skilled professionals and award winning design solutions. This joint venture will help leverage Kern's skills and expertise in usability and help HumanCentric gain better understanding of the Indian market." says Ripul Kumar, Director of Kern Communications.

"This joint venture with Kern Communications represents a wonderful opportunity for HumanCentric," says Barry H. Beith, CEO and Chief Technical Officer of HumanCentric. "Not only is Kern Communications a very talented and high quality design house, but their skill set, perspective, and attitudes are very complementary and compatible with our team. They provide the necessary cultural knowledge and perspective that gives HumanCentric the ability to provide the proper research and design support needed by our US clients to successfully introduce products into the emerging marketplace in India, a marketplace that is 350 million users strong. HumanCentric, on the other hand, provides Kern Communications with a bridge to potential clients in the United States and a strong partner to provide Indian firms with design support for American and European clients. Companies such as Tata Automotive, which just bought Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford, can now turn to Kern Communications in order to bridge Indian and U.S. product design needs. "

About Kern

Kern is a leading usability consulting and learning solutions company in India. Kern works with top financial institutions, start-ups, established software product companies, online gaming companies, and mobile phone makers to help them make their products easy and pleasurable to use.

Kern designs solutions that are easy to use and fun to learn. Kern's strengths lie in understanding users and translating to useful, usable, effective, and successful solutions. Kern consultants are experts in the field of usability, user research, and pedagogy. Today, Kern boasts of an impressive client list and diverse project experience. Kern helps companies understand their users' life, work, goals, and motivations.

Making things "simple, useful and usable" is our business!

Press Contacts

Geeta Bose
geeta at kern-comm dot com
+91 40 401 71313

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